Acrylics Vs. Silk Wraps

There has been a new break through in the world of nail technology. Although the method of silk nails was brought to the UK in the 1980’s, they have only recently took off with more and more beauticians training in the method. For many years the silk method was shadowed by the old fashioned acrylics.

In the world of nails it has recently been found out how bad acrylics nails really are. With the many nail shapes and lengths that you can have done, after a few days they will start to grow out and look very noticeably out of shape. Not only can it work out to cost a lot of money with returning every two weeks to get them infilled or a new set put on, it can also be very time consuming. No one fully knows the underlying damages that acrylics cause to your nails especially when they have been used for a long period of time. When using an electric file it is critical that you down file too far down into the nail plate as this can be very painful for the client and can leave your client with split nails, once having the acrylics applied it can be very hard to spot infections which will cause them to get worse over time. Many high street salons still use a product called Methyl Methacrylate which has been banned due to the toxicity levels. Methyl Methacrylate is mainly used in dentistry as a hardening agent, due to the strength many beautician’s thought that this would make the acrylics stay on for longer. The more dangerous side of using this product is when catching your nails on something could result in pulling the nail plate away from the nail bed, in the long run this could potentially cause the nail plate to be unable to grow back. If acrylics are fitted and removed properly using the correct products there is usually not that much damage, other than having really long nails.



The method of silk nails are much better as they don’t damage your nails half as much as acrylics do. Although silk wraps cost between £5 to £10 more than acrylics it is definitely worth paying the extra bit than have to worry about the damage you will be left with. They take about 30 minutes longer as it is a more complicated and time consuming process, cutting the silk wrap the the correct size is the time consuming part as it is a thin fabric and one cut can make you have to start again as opposed to acrylics where you are filing the tips. Many people think silk wraps look a lot nicer than acrylics as it is a more natural look and they are not obvious, they also help your nails grow,


If you are experiencing some bad acrylic damage here are some ways to help solve your problems: Trim your nails down and push your cuticles back as this will stimulate nail growth, it is important to keep your nails clean to prevent infection, moisturise your hands and nails, if your nails are not too sore then try to file all the rough edges out and buff the nail plate as the oil in your nail will serve as a protective layer. Lastly apply a light oil, such as solar oil, to your nails daily and do not paint them with polish for a while as your nails need to breathe.

Next week I will be trying silk wraps out, I hope my blog has helped all you acrylics wearers out there like myself!

Thinking about a career as a Beautician?

There are many sectors within the health and beauty Industry so you may want to think carefully about which section you want to go into. You could become a make up artist or you could study media makeup and become a makeup artists for theatres and film companies, you could even become a holistic therapist for a top spa  and hotel such as Champneys.

The best option if you’re a school leaver to become a beautician  is to study a diploma at college, all vocational colleges will offer levels 1, 2 & 3 in beauty therapy. Many colleges will also offer apprenticeships in all of the levels if full-time at college doesn’t appeal to you. It is completely up to you about what level you wish to study up to but the majority of spas and salons will require a level 3 in beauty therapy. After completing your level 3 you could do many things such as going straight into the industry or you could go on to further education and reach levels as high as cosmetic surgery at University. However you don’t just have to be a school leaver to be able to study beauty at college, all vocational colleges offer a part-time evening course for people who have children and can’t attend a 4 day week course or for those of you that already have a day job and fancy a career change.

The level 1 qualification contains most of what you would do on the level 2 course but at a much easier stage. You can either start out at level 1 or 2 but that all depends on your GCSE results.

In the level 2 qualification you cover topics such as waxing, spray tanning, eye treatments, make up, facials, nail technology, nail art and manicure and pedicure. Now it’s not all practical like it seems, you have an equal amount of theory that goes along with it. This contains lots of human anatomy and biology along with a series of theory and practical exams that you have to complete through the year.

Now, level 3 is where it starts to get tough but it is by far the most rewarding qualification of them all. This is where you will go more into the holistic side of beauty and do treatments such as full body massage, hot stone massage and microdermabrasion. The theory work load is increased as you will go more in-depth with the human anatomy and the exams as they start to prepare you for the life of working within the industry.


For those of you that don’t want to work in a salon or spa and fancy going for the theatre and film work then you can study the same levels but in media make up. In this course you will learn how to produce many different hair, make up and body painting looks. This will give you all the skills you need for getting a job after you have qualified.

If college isn’t for you then there are many places that you can study online or travel to places such as London where you can complete these qualifications usually within a few days. Now some of these courses can cost a lot of money so you might want to think about what courses are 100% beneficial to you if you are considering this route.

I hope my advise is helpful to all you budding beauticians!