Queen Elizabeth II most iconic outfits

As some of you may or may not know, it is Queen Elizabeth II 91st birthday coming up on the 21st April. In order to celebrate her birthday I thought that I would take us back to some of her most iconic outfits.


The royal wedding is one of the most popular events of the decade so the dress has a large role to fit. This beautiful high-neck, satin, heavily embroidered dress was designed by British designer Norman Hartnell. At the back of the dress was a 15 foot patterned train attached at the shoulders with a silk veil and tiara. The tiara was given to Elizabeth on her wedding day from her mother.



The Queens Coronation day is another popular event of the decade so this required a lot of preparation before the main event. A few days before the coronation, Queen Elizabeth II was spotted in this striking laced gown. The time and dedication spent on every inch of detail has set the bar high for the Coronation dress. This dress was also designed by what seems to be the Queens favourite designer Norman Hartnell.



The day of Queen Elizabeths II Coronation soon arrives and designer Norman Hartnell and herself have out done themselves with the magnificent choice of dress. The gold trimmed dress with gold details go hand in hand with the St. Edwards Crown. The crowns design is made of gold and includes many Sapphires, Tourmalines and other remarkable stones.



In 1999 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. Her Majesty wore a very fitting gold silk dress with embroidery down both sides of the dress. She accessorised the dress by matching a rather large gold diamond necklace with two gold bracelets over the top of her pearl white gloves.


I hope you all have enjoyed my blog! Take style advice from Queen Elizabeth II and have a great time celebrating her birthday.